Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wot I’m Playing

Before any of you non-existent readers say that I stole the title idea from RPS, (An awesome blog by the way. I would recommend reading it if you like PC games) I know I stole it. So, back to the subject, I like lists so I’m going to make a list.

Games I have been playing.

  • Dwarf Fortress What can I say, this game is amazing, To all of you who don’t want to play because it looks too complicated, It’s more complicated than it looks. Now do you want to play? I was looking for something interesting to play on my old 1 Ghz laptop and I had previously heard of this. It played beautifully on my laptop. I booted the game and was met with the “Generate a World” menu. I was immediately confused to say the least. I then proceeded to search the web for, as I like to call them, “Tuts.” I clicked on the first result that appeared and met this site. After reading a bit I printed out the Tut on my non recyclable paper. [Following has been censored because it may upset ecologists] The Tut proved to be immensely helpful. If you are looking into DF I recommend checking it out. (thanks!) After following the rather extensive tutorial, I began work on a fortress of my own design. It was a lovely (and very addicting) experience. I’ll post more on DF later, I just touched the surface with this post)
  • Defcon (Spoiler: Everyone dies) Thanks to T-Bag-T (What a weird user name) I now own a copy of this interesting game. For a game whose color scheme is green and black it is surprisingly sad. I felt a ping of sadness every time one of my devastating nukes hit a city. You want to cry as the message “Leningrad Hit, 2.2 Million dead” flashes onto the screen. I haven’t got around to playing online yet, I played a game or two against the AI and was completely decimated. Knowing from past experiences that, “If you suck against AI, don’t show your face online,” I decided to stay away a little longer. I might post a few short battle summaries/screen shots later if you beg me.

I’ve been playing a bit more but can't talk about it now. First person to comment gets a copy of Crayon Physics Deluxe.

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