Friday, March 26, 2010

Are Your Shoes Dedicated to God?

I have a good friend (A few readers of the blog may know him) who has these shoes. MY friend (who shall remain nameless) loves these shoes. Don't ask me why, I have no idea why he loves them so. He will act as if he has lost his only son out if his shoes are "misplaced." (read: stolen by some teenagers meaning no harm) If you "scuff his j's" prepare to meet your maker.

As was sitting in church with him on Sunday when I looked at his beloved shoes and saw something inscribed there. Written in black ink on the side of his beloved shoes was "I <3 Jesus."  I was blown away. My friend had loving "ruined" his much loved shoes for the sake of showing his love for Jesus. I knew that in his mind, those shoes were dedicated to Jesus. That made me ask myself, "Am I showing my Love love to Jesus in everything I do and have? Am worshiping God with every single thing I own, whether it is special to me or not? "
 I'll leave you with that. Feel free to comment.

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