Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shattered Horizon: What I love, What I hate (Review)

Recently I've been playing a bit of Shattered Horizon. Shattered Horizon, in case you don't know, is a Zero Gravity First Person Shooter set in space.(Where else would it be set?)  I bought it about a months ago when there was the 50% off steam sale after playing a little bit. Let me say this, I loved that game.  I remember waking up in the morning with my driving force being "I want to play Shattered Horizon." Every night for about 2 weeks I would sit down and play Shattered Horizon for m 9-10, enjoying every second of it. After a while it became boring and it went to the back of my "shelf." Recently I picked it back up and began to play again and I now have a new perspective on the game.

  • What I love
  1. The HUD Futurermark has done the best job I've ever seen creating an realistic game while being  fast paced at the same time. One of the bigest things that contributes to this feel is the HUD. The HUD gives you all the information a normal HUD would give you while looking realistic and possible at the same time. The overlay part of the HUD looks like a piece of concave glass on which the scoreboard, 
  2. \enemy and friendly tags, and the map are projected on. The ammo and the tipe of grenades selected are displayed on the gun itself. This is something that other developers should pick up on, it vastly decreases the amount of clutter in a HUD while taking use of that empty space on the gun
  3. The Graphics The $500 upgrade for your computer that you bought to run this game is not in vain; Though the system requirements may be high, the game looks spectacular. The lighting is buetiful, and really helps because the main way to distinguish your units against the enemy units the color of flame the jetpack emits.  Go look at some screenshots. I can't even begin to describe how amazing this game looks, even on medium settings.
  4. The Maps Even though the game only ships with three maps, (three other maps are added in an expansion packs) each map is magnificent. The maps are heavily detailed and plenty of "cute" details are spread throughout the maps. Each map is an entirly unique and provides a different experience and requires a different strategy. Some maps are dark, some maps are well light, some maps heavily encourage sniping, some map require you to think in 3 dimensions.
  • What I Hate
  1. The Learning Curve Shattered Horizon has a learning curve higher than most RTS. Yes, you can pick up the game, jump in a match, and immediately know all the controls, but  it takes practice to train your mind in three dimensions. As soon as you move into a well protected are you have to think "Is there any other way someone can hit me?" 70% you above you and see a wide open spot easily accessible to the enemy. To an experienced player, camping is easy. When you first start playing you will find yourself being killed from seemingly nowhere. If you lack spacial awareness, don't even think about playing this game. The mini map is confusing; after 20 hours of play time I still can't use it effectively. Due to the small community everyone you are playing will most likely be better than you but do not despair. Everyone is very friendly and you will soon be on your way to becoming a true astronaut. 
  2. The Lack of Content This is where the game hits a rock wall. Shattered Horizon lacks content with only 6 maps and one multipurpose weapon it gets boring very quickly. Hopefully Futuremark will address this and add at least one unlockable weapon.
Yes this game has it's flaws but it is a must buy. I didn't even scratch the surface of the games mechanics such as silent running and momentum but for $20, it would be easiest for you to find out yourself. I might write more later but this is enough for now.

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