Monday, March 29, 2010

Wat I've Been Playing

Sorry about my absence, I've been working on removing the  cow from the office. You may be asking me "ÖMG wat are ye plyin lolololo?" so I will answer this grammatically incorrect question with one word. (2 words really) Torchlight.

As some of you may know, there was one of those fine Steam sales this weekend. Torchlight was on sale for 75% off it's original price of $20 so I ended up getting myself a copy. It's fantastic to say the least. The game is very redundant yet addictive at the same time. The game play is simple, click on the enemies enough and they will die. So, what makes this game so awesome and repayable?  This is another question that can be answered wit hone word. Loot There is more loot in this game then people who eat raw cows. I'm a player who picks everything up and sells nothing. That is not the way to play this game. If you do that you will spend 50% of your time managing your inventory and 50% of the time fighting. (like I did) Currently I'm a level 20/200 fighter. You can chose one out of three classes to be your character, Vanquisher, a woman who  specializes in ranged weapons and can also use traps against her foes, Destroyer, an expert in close and personal combat, and Alchemist, a magic user. Each of the classes are very dynamic, allowing you to have a magic wielding destroyer, or a Alchemist whose primary weapons are swords instead of a staff.  Enough with the chit chat, let me show you some images. 

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