Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Mad Driver: LotusEliseGeek

Hello to all you who are not there! I'm LotusEliseGeek, and I’m doing some mod reviews for DrMadMan here. First, I will be talking about the mods he recommended to me. Let’s start with the Unofficial Star Wars Battlefront II Patch v1.3. This patch is absolutely necessary for any other mods out there, so if you are thinking about downloading one, listen up. This is a generally good mod. It does not tinker with most of the gameplay. The main changes are dealt with the visuals. The hud gets a blue background, and some units are modified. The changes the managaurd so that he has a cape, and the clone commander so he looks like a commander and not a clone marine. Basically, the modifications make the units look more accurate to the movie. My one pet peeve is the imperial officer. His gun is solid black, no texture. Ugh! It’s just so weird to have a solid black gun! Anyway, the mod also works online, which is great. No hassle, just go online and the mod will not affect your playing.

This mod is definitely worth getting, especially if you want other mods. And with that i'm done! I'll come back with Star Wars Battlefront II: Extreme!

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