Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Think I Have an Idea! (Chose What You Say Part 1)

Some of you foke might have played an RPG game once in your life. A lot of RPGs have a single flaw, an emersion breaking flaw. What happens when you walk up to a character and hit “e” or? (or whatever the use button is) A windows appears, someone says something, and you are given three or so  options. This can be extremely emersion breaking and character breaking for obvious reasons. What if you could type down what you wanted your character to say? Instead of saying, “I want to buy something” You could say, “Yo, got some crack”  This would  greatly contribute to your characters personality. I plan on building a simple, short RPG in Python. The RPG will be more of a tech demo than anything, but I plan to build on it later. Right now I’m learning the fantastic language of pygame, and I hope to have a base engine done by the end of the week. In Part 2 I’ll talk about my ideas of how to make this work.

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